Do any of the following resonate with you?

  • Feeling like you’re on the cusp of depression
  • Inconsistent or nonexistent self-care
  • Loss of energy and motivation
  • Unrealistic expectations out of you and your relationships
  • Numbing with food or alcohol
  • It’s very difficult to ask for help because you think you can figure it out
  • Unclear boundaries with yourself and others
  • Disconnect from you body
  • Hoping each day that you will find the answer to your struggle
  • Feeling too sensitive and wishing you would just get over it already

You're ready for a change.  You are fed up and ready to as I say, "flip the table!"  It's time to get support and find solutions.  There comes a time when we realize that we've exhausted solutions but need outside support and help.  I have a step by step process I use each session that allows you to get optimal benefits during our time together.  You bring your struggle and a willingness to partner with me in finding a new and better way and I will bring creative, inspiring and hopeful strategies for change!  Call me today and let's figure this out together.