I work with women who are intuitive and insightful who struggle with self doubt and sabotage but desire to gain self acceptance and internal peace and as a result of our time together they step out of the viscous cycle of never feeling good enough and embrace their unique gifts.

Is this you?  Are you ready for some real shifts in how you relate to yourself and live your life?  Of course you are!  

You're stuck!  It's not because you  are weak or not smart or haven't read enough self-help books.  You are the opposite!  There are areas of your life that you manage well and experience success.  However, it's the part that led you to me that has you frustrated, anxious, and swimming in never enough thoughts and feelings.  It might be relationships, body image, numbing with alcohol and/or food, wrestling with what your next step in life should be, coming to terms with the way you grew up and how this effects your life today.  

This struggle leaves you drained, frustrated and ultimately blaming yourself once again. 

I so get it!  I don't have a magic wand, but I do have a blend of powerful intuition mixed with effective strategies to help you finally get the results you are searching for in your life!

You don't need to feel stuck one more day!  Call me and let's get started!