As you check out my website, I wonder what you are feeling in your mind and body. There may be a sense of urgency to find the “right” help and stop the pain, frustration, fear, and overwhelm. It may feel like you are holding your breath all the time and you wonder the path to peace and contentment.

How many of the following fit for you?

  • Feeling like you’re on the cusp of depression
  • Inconsistent or nonexistent self-care
  • Loss of energy and motivation
  • Unrealistic expectations out of you and your relationships
  • Numbing with food or alcohol
  • It’s very difficult to ask for help because you think you can figure it out
  • Unclear boundaries with yourself and others
  • Disconnect from you body
  • Hoping each day that you will find the answer out of what you are experiencing
  • Feeling too sensitive and wishing you would just get over it already

I’m a highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic person. This translates to a career as a therapist. However, it took me years to realize that the world will drain the life out of me if I let it. I have spent years developing a system that works for me and I want to share it with you. Together we can develop a personalized plan that fits you and your life. Let’s figure this out together!